Monday, 13 November 2017

Why The Sky Is Blue

Why The Sky Appears To Be Blue?

Have you thought that the sky is blue even though if you you jump from a plane and catch the air in a jar it would just be crystal clear.  Everybody should have asked people about this mysterious question and some will be stated with a logical answer while others will be told some made up trash.  In this explanation you will be receiving the actual explanation on why the sky reveals blue and not any other colour like Green.

So first you have to know that the light from the sun look white but it is not just 1 single colour.  But in reality the light from the sun is actually made out of all the colours of the rainbow.  All of the waves of colour are different for example blue light waves is way shorter then the red light waves. It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the sun’s light to reach earth.

The air around the earth’s surface is called the atmosphere.  The atmosphere is made out of billions of  little nitrogen oxygen molecules that float everywhere in the sky. When the earth gets light it has to go through the atmosphere.  The sun’s light down to earth is always straight unless something gets in its way to reflect,bend,distribute or scatter it. When the light travels into the atmosphere most colours  will reach earth's surface uninterrupted. Some molecules will be affected by some of the light on its way to earth.     

The blue light waves is the shortest compared to all the others. So it will be scattered every where. Then the blue light would bounce across the atmosphere.The other colours like red orange yellow will also bounce around but blue light waves is the strongest. So when it gets closer to the horizon white gets close  to earth and settles in a lot of directions.  Due to that you will see light blue everywhere you look.

Overall the molecules scatters around the atmosphere which goes to earth which creates what colour the sky is. So the blue waves is the shortest and thats why the sky appears to be blue.  The reason why the sunset is red and yellow is because the sun’s light travels in long waves so red and yellow are the longest ones and thats why the sunset is red and yellow.

I created a explanation on why the sky really appears to blue. Here is my piece of
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