Monday, 13 November 2017

The Relaxing Beach

The Relaxing Beach

Out in this relaxing beach it is truly peaceful with nobody even knowing that there is this exquisite beauty. The massive rock is right smack in the center where the shore meets the sea. If anyone attempts to jump from the fragile cliff they will be sure to break several bones or die.  Smooth waves in the  ocean ripples through like someone skating on water and even the flax has been heavily protected by the armoured fence.  

Out in this magnificent beach I feel like I had just started my new life and that I was at a age of ten.  This had to be way more tranquil than in the city where everybody is shouting to each other. The sandy beach is as hot as a 1000 degree knife and can probably burn your feet black and then when you try to walk it is your feet is going into smithereens.

Dev:Good use of using similes. Your next step is to describe the setting more than you. Nice Job!

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