Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Beaver Information Report


Found in North america a Beaver is a chubby hamster like, animal that is nocturnal. These fascinating species are very intelligent.  Did you know that beavers can develop lodges,canals and dams with their bare hands? Their scientific name is a Castor and Beavers are part of the animal kingdom which there are a lots of animals that have their own abilities,habitats diets and behaviours. This is what makes them super unique.

Image result for beaver eating woodUnlike many animals Beaver’s eat leaves, buds, twigs and bark and rarely coniferous trees because if they don’t, their teeth will continue growing and eventually be massive. Because of this, if people continue cutting down trees these poor creatures will suffer because all these things will fade away except buds because they are supplied from the trees. If that happens it means they might die or have to change their diet which results in them not being able to build their marvellous creations.

While they are smart and will be  hiding in there dams predators such as fishermen, coyotes, hawks, brown and black bears, northern river otters, lynx, eagles,mountain lions, owls, wolverines and wolves can still catch them if their out eating wood.  Like I was talking about if  people continue cutting down trees this part of the food chain will be ruined.

Some Facts are that  they are the national symbol of Canada and they can stay in water for 15 minutes and they splash their tail on water for predators to go away.

Overall these amazing species in my opinion is  one of the top 20 smartest animals that has ever existed in the animal kingdom.  Their diet is unique because there are only a few animals which eat wood and they are just so awesome.
If you ever encounter one just leave it alone or take care if it is injured.

Here is my information report of Beavers.


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