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The Fridge of Teleportation WALT:correct narrative structure and using descriptive language

The  Fridge of Teleportation
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Image result for Fridge teleporterAfter a whole day of endless fun Spectre Camo returned from a glorious trip at the best amusement  park ever,movie world!  As Spectre opened his front door he shot straight to the  kitchen like a sniper bullet and opened the fridge.  He was crazy mad and surprised to find that the fridge was empty.  When mum found out that the fridge was empty she was shocked so she told Spectre that she is going shopping at countdown. So he has to stay home alone.

When it was supposed to be dinner Spectre was in his bedroom wondering what he would do. He knew that his mum will come back at night so he checked  one of the old cupboards which has never been opened before to see if he was lucky and can find something to munch on.  But no luck.  All of a sudden he heard a really loud noise coming from the empty fridge  so he went to check what was in there. ‘Clank clank clank’ Spectre opened the weird fridge and he knew something was wrong.  All the food was back in there even the drinks.

As Spectre went to have a bite on a apple all the food started to scramble up together and without knowing he started to feel a large force forcing him closer and closer to the weird fridge.  He pinched himself as hard as he could to see if this is just a weird dream but sadly it wasn’t and Spectre got sucked in the teleporting menace.  Strolling through inside the fridge he smelt an aroma of sweet cake.  Mmmmmm this is the best cake I ever had.  Then there were these ice creams that looks like hand balls.  Suddenly there was a huge rumble that sounded that someone is starving.  In the blink of an eye an immense wave of apple formed into an avalanche and rushed down from the freezer and ricocheted right through the delicious cake.  Was this the end for Spectre Camo?

He bolted to the top fridge and hid there until the terrible avalanche was gone. When he thought he was safe and sound he went to find the exit.  Spectre thought about riding the next avalanche and finding the exit. But after a while he was really tired of waiting but then he remembered that if he bit into one of the cakes the avalanche will come back and that is exactly what happened.  Jumping on the apple he was thinking that this is the his only chance.  1 minute later he was  some ice cubes. His lightbulb lit up because he knew that this the place where he can get out by using the water dispenser. When he reached the small gap he took a leap of faith and hopped in.  There were these giant ice blocks ready to get out to the real world.  Thinking about if he should jump he jumped in the freezing cold water. The force was pulling him outside. He is going to be  set free?    

In the real world he was confused what had happened to him and thought that the food might be in the fridge but there wasn’t. After a few seconds mum was back. She was surprised that the whole kitchen was a mess and said what had happened.  Spectre blurted out all the story and mum said “did you have a great trip”

By Johann

In this text I wrote a narrative using descriptive language.
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