Thursday, 28 September 2017

Letter to the Prime Minister WALT: Persuade

Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive
Rt Hon Bill English/Jacinda Ardern      Auckland
Prime Minister          1042
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on your successful election campaign in the latest 2017 campaign.         
My class and my family has been discussing everything and you have done great in every aspect but there is only one thing that you should definitely change.  I believe that in the debates people who vote should be able to be reduced from 18 to 16. A person like you that is smart and intelligent man/women shouldn’t be a single problem. I really hope you consider my ideas.

Surely young adults should be eligible to vote at a age of 16 because they can do all these things such as driving a car,joining the army at 1 and you can even school.  Others might debate that 16 is way to young but in my opinion digital natives are more globally aware about securing the future.  It is vital that the digital immigrants had to learn how to use IT where as 16 year old people have has already developed it when they were born.  Now it is clear that all 16 year olds should be getting an opportunity to vote in the 2020 election and they can  be a member of the NZ democratic society.

Now that I have explained why we should be eligible to vote at a age of 16 because like I
said we have all these opportunities like driving cars a lots more.  Therefore we can definitely secure our future.  The future is in your hands.



In writing we have been discussing the president and we made letter.
Here is my writing.

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