Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Sky Pirates Epic Discovery

The Sky Pirates Epic Discovery

Looking around the glowing sky, I heard some peculiar noises that sounded like something barking. Suddenly a massive, flying, black coloured animal that could be a giant's pet flew right above me.  The legend is true I thought to myself in amazement. Then about ten more appeared in the distance.  My mind was going to blow up like a mad scientist that had made the biggest invention ever.  I quickly ran to get my last rope and leashed him around the neck.  While the animal with sharp teeth was doing some tough work the rope snapped and fell into the abyss.  “Woof woof woof”  Another flying beast that looked like a baby and smelt like mud sailed underneath my ship so I could jump on.  As I was falling, I thought about leaving behind the beautiful blimp that took me a two whole years to create.  Tears started rolling down my cheeks, but when I landed on the huge species it was as soft as a feather even though it is stinky.  While flying into the sunset, I thought about where I was going and how much money I would get for my amazing discovery, one Billion, one trillion?

Torres’s comment: Great paragraph next time add more similes and metaphors.

In this task we watched a short video and then had to describe if the animal has been changed and in this case I chose a dog.

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  1. I like the way you used a simile and interesting vocabulary next time you should be more creative with your simile :)