Monday, 10 April 2017

My Ultimate Creation

WALT: use similes and metaphors

My Ultimate Creation

“YAY!” it worked I finally made this overpowered robot on try 1000th.  It was as colossal as about 100 elephants.  I will name this robot Death Destroyer.  Death Destroyer is a transformer but way better then
the normal ones.  This robot has about 10 things it can do.  One of them is that he can turn into a Bugatti veyron.  The robot is as heavy as 50 houses together.  
The next day I placed Death Destroyer in the grasslands that is as green as the colour green and everyone was amazed of my amazing creation.  They were all shouting how did you make this thing?  I answered back and said it took me 10 years to make this.   Death Destroyer was jumping up and down like it is on fire.  This is truly the best creation in the world!

Reflection:  I think I have achieved my goal which is to use similes and metaphors cause I got 5 similes and metaphors.

For this task we each got a prompt to write about and to describe it.

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