Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Taonga

My Piano

My object is the emperor of music and has 52 fragile fingers.  When I place my hand on his  long, smooth fingers it makes a noise that is amazingly, insanely loud like a disco party.  He loves it when I use my white, short fingers to tingle him along his White fingers.  I play with him for 2 hours  everyday and he  loves enjoying our time together.  He has 4 skinny legs to stand up so it won’t be like Humpty Dumpty and fall sideways.  We have been together for 2-3 years!

Similes: Reed
Personification: iiiiiii
Metaphors: iiiiiii
Adjectives: iiiiii

Well done Johann, you have tried to give your taonga human features. I like the way you have started your sentences in a variety of ways. Remember to think about what it look like and sound like if it was a real person.

In this task we had to chose a taonga which is our treasure and we had to describe it.

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  1. Johann I like the way you had a lot of writing features like similes, personification, metaphors and adjectives