Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Protect Animal Habitats

WALT:use emotive language

WALT:use a range of sentence starters

Protecting animal Habitats

Scientists have studied habitats and have proved that they are important to our world’s ecosystem.  If the animals habitats gets destroyed then lots of animals will become endangered or even extinct!  Now I will give you 2 of the reasons you should never ever destroy animal habitats.

The poor animals will have nowhere to live so they will live in cities and the risk of extinction is higher than usual. So the way that animals die is that people will see unusual animals that don’t belong in the city and people will start to hunt or kill animals.  Another reason is if there wasn’t trees we’ll have less oxygen and we might have breathing issues.

Animals are linked to the food chain and it will disrupt the food chain.  For example if one of the prey dies then the predator that preys on that prey will die and so on.  Another reason about the food chain is that a lot of animals eat pests so if those animals die pests will annoy us more and more.  The last reason that we shouldn't cut down trees is that the food chain affects some animals we eat so we might eventually starve to death.

If all these innocent animals die in Australia there won't be anymore native animals so the people that has a vacation to Australia can see any native animals so the people won’t come to Australia anymore.  To stop all this madness you have to stop buying the products from companies that don’t get their resources from our native forests. Therefore they won't cut down trees to get wood and might change their ways.   Did you know that 200 000 acres of forest are cleared one day and 150 acres a minute? And 55600 trees being destroyed every minute?  So if this goes on continuously all animals will get endangered or even extinct!

Good work Johann and Torres. You have started your sentences in a range of ways and tried to support your arguments with facts and evidence. Your next step is to edit more carefully. Be sure to check your sentences are not too long and make sense. Can you use another connective besides ‘so’? Miss Richardson

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