Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Inquiry Timeline

Inquiry Timeline

1250 to 1300:The Maoris arrived. They came from south east of asia.Also the Maori oris were already there but they died out because the Maori brought diseases.  

1792:Whalers is a job that people go on boats and hunt whales

1796:Captain James Cook Arrived in New Zealand.
1800 to 1849:Waitangi treaty

1840:6th February waitangi tribunal  

1814:The Missionaries arrived to teach maori christian.

1840:500 Maori chiefs signed the treaty of waitangi which is an agreement

1861:Gold Rush is a event where a lot of people from china come and mine gold to take back.

1885:Gum digging is an event where people go gum digging.

28th Jul 1914 – 11th Nov 1918:World War 1

1st Sep 1939 – 2nd Sep 1945:World War 2

1970:Honorary Whites are white skinned people who get more respect

1975:The Waitangi Tribunal is a New Zealand permanent commission of inquiry established under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975

1978: Bastion point occupation is when all maoris living in bastion point has to go

1981:Springbok tour 81 is an event where a lot of countries play sport


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