Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The space Adventure (Continued)

       The Space Adventure

YAY!!! “We are on the moon,”shouted Johann.
“I am scared” cried John.
”Look at this place”said Johann.
”It is full of holes or you can say craters”said Johann.
”we can see Jupiter and Earth and there is nothing to be scared about”said Johann.
”What if there are aliens that have laser guns”cried John.
”Even if there is Aliens we have space suits and we are in a space car bruh”shouted Johann.
”fine”moaned John.
”Let’s go”

“We are at the middle”said Johann
“Are you sure there aren't any aliens?”asked John
“Of course not”answered Johann
“Get of the space car!!!”
“I am too scared cried John”
“Look at that thing in the distance”said John
“That might be an alien spaceship”
“You go check”said Johann
“I am too scared”moaned John
(When Johann came back a bunch of Aliens was chasing him)
“Oh no”
“Run for your life”screamed Johann

(The Aliens got Johann and threw him in the space ship jail.)
“HELP!!!!!!”screamed Johann
(John ran away like a scary cat)
(In the spaceship it looked amazingly weird.)(There were aliens guarding everywhere.)
“Get me outta here”shouted Johann
“Nope”said one of the aliens.
(Then an alien came out)”
“I will guard him”said the alien
(So all the aliens left except the alien that was guarding)
(The alien took his alien hat of)
“I am a human called David”
“I am going to give a alien hat to escape this place”he said
“Thanks” :D

(They sneaked out and on the way they grabbed a rocket launcher,assault rifles and a sniper rifle.)
(They ran to the space car as quickly as they can.)
“We could destroy the spaceship with a rocket launcher”suggested Johann
“Very good idea bro”
(John came back)
“I thought ran of like a maniac”said Johann
(David gave John a laser gun)
“What are you doing and who is that guy?” asked John
“I am the person that saved him”answered David.

(Johann told John all about the plan)
“I am scared”
“If you don’t help everybody will all die”said David
“Fine”said John
(They walked slowly to the Alien ship)
“Shoot!!!!!!!!!”shouted Johann
“What can we do”asked John
“Let’s blast the ship”suggested David
“Good Idea”said Johan
“I don’t think that will work”
“If you don’t do it we will do it”
“Fine”moaned Johann
(They went to the Alien Ship)
“Let’s do this”shouted David
“Why didn’t the ship blow up”said John
(The Aliens came to see what had happened)
“HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”They all shouted
(The Aliens throw them into Jail)
“What could we do” said John”
(Then a mysterious man came and threw us out the ship”
“What do you think he is”asked David
“Don’t know said Johann
“Let’s blast it again”suggested John
“I think there is a secret”said Johann
“Then what should we do”Asked David
“Let’s go in again”said John
“We are going to be killed”
“I am still thinking about the mysterious man that saved us”said Johann.
“I think we could Just pretend to be an alien”Johann suggested
“Good idea”
“Do you have any spare Alien suits”Johann asked
“I have 3 in total”said david
“Just enough for 1 each”
(They changed into the Alien clothes)
“Let’s do this”shouted Johann
“What if we get caught by the Aliens?”asked John
“That is impossible”shouted Johann
(They went inside the ship)
(The Alien ship got blasted to pieces)
“We did it”shouted John”
“Let’s go back to earth”said Johann
“Want to come with us”asked John
“Why not”said David
(They went back to earth)

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