Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (Mowgli)  

“Why am I here?” I asked Balou.
“You want to live with us?” he said.
“OK,” I said.  A giant hand as big as king longs hand swept a pile of mangos.
“Mancub,” the voice boomed!  
“I am King Louise,” the voice boomed as big as a dinosaur roaring.  
“What is your name,” the voice boomed!
“Mowgli,”I said. Then suddenly the big thing came out of his cave and a giant orangutan came out.
“Wanna live with us?”
“Yeah,” I said nervously.  He Swooped another pile of mangos and gobbled them all up instantly.  
“How did you get here?” he asked.  
“Balou brang me here,” I replied.  
He stared at Balou sweeping a whole pile of apples.  
“If you want to live with us then give me the red flower!”he grinned in a evil smile.
“Never,” I said
“or else you can”t live in this monkey temple,,” he said.
“Well I can find a better place in the jungle then just this weird  monkey temple,” I said.
“Kick him out,” KIng Louis shouted to all the monkeys.  Am I in the right monkey temple?”  Balou asked…

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  1. Your SSW is a good retelling of the video. You use the speech well to narrate what happens.
    Mr. Shinn