Monday, 5 September 2016

The awesome water relay

                     Water Relays

After S.S.R room 4 and me went outside for water relays because we had missed out on the water relay which is the the best Olympic event because of the evil rain.When we had seted out the game three people went first and the winner was Amelia.Mr. Shinn then chose Espen,Rahul and me.I was very nervous.I pretty sure Rahul and Espen was also very excited but nervous at the same time.
When I first got a bucket of the dyed water I only got like a quarter for some kind of reason.But then I thought I bet Espen,but when the time was up Rahul won by I think a mililitre or more.I was so sad.In the cemi-finales the people that will be competing are Rahul,Amelia and Angel.Suprisingly the winner was Angel.The next finales was Haoran,Lugein and Kevin.The winner is LugeinIn the real finales the people that will be competing are Lugein,Angel and Michael from room 3.The winner was Lugein!!! Everybody was clapping.

                                         The End