Tuesday, 7 June 2016

You should not play video games by Johann

                                         The Speech
Intro:Stop playing on your video games! Get out and play outside.5 more minutes I say.After 10 minutes your mum comes and checks if your still playing on the video games.She finds you sitting there still playing on the video games.Do you like video games?Do you know it can do lots of harmful things like damaging your eyesight,making you not concentrate and damaging your brain. I will explain all these harmful things that the video games can do.

P1:Video games can damage your eyesight and can make you blind.If you’re blind it means that you can’t see anything which means when your teacher gives you work for example maths work you won’t be able to see anything. Being blind is also bad because nobody will want to be your friend.

P2:Video games can also make you very concentrated to it so when the teacher asks you a question you will hesitate and say”um”
And thinking about finishing the final mission on the video game.

P3:Video games can damage your brain because you can get so concentrated that your brain can nearly explode.If the teacher asks you a very easy question that is very easy like 1+1 you won’t be able to know.Also if your brain gets damaged you won’t know anything.

Conclusion:Playing video games will damages your eyesight,make you super concentrated and damages your brain.I personally believe that playing lots of video games is not a smart idea.

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