Wednesday, 1 June 2016

What do you want for dinner? Summary Statement + prediction

Summary statement

I think that this story is pretty funny because Troy wants fish ‘n chips for dinner so him,his mum and his dad went to a takeaway.When they got the fish ‘n chips it started raining.When dad tries to find the key He puts the fish ‘n chips on the car’s roof and left it on the car’s roof so when they got home the fish ‘n chips was gone.


I predict that Troy is going to tell his dad to buy more fish’n chips and when dad tries to find the key he puts the fish ‘n chips on the car a forgets to get it so the cycle goes on until it stops raining.

1 comment:

  1. Good job! Nice summary, using key ideas. You have shown good use of precise and clear thoughts to summarise the story. I like how you also mentioned how the story made you feel and that you found it funny.

    You also show good understanding of prediction, being able to predict after the story finishes. I wonder how dad would have felt if he had to go back to the fish and chip shop and buy more food?