Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Describing Tusk the cat by Johann

Today we will describe Tusk the cat which is the main character from our story.

Tusk is impatient because when his tea doesn't come on time he sharpens his claws on the new couch and walks over the piano and knocks all the ornaments down.

Tusk is sneaky because he hides under the bed and and members of the family fall asleep  he will grab onto your ankle and shake it with his knife like talons.

Tusk is greedy and foolish because he never misses a meal and when she bangs the spoon on Tusks bowl She will come rushing in.

Tusk is Vicious because he can shred your skin into pieces

Overall pets can some time a pain in the butt but they can always be lovable in their own little way and always be an important part of the family.

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