Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mrs Davies crooks letter

Dear Mrs Davies Crook,

I feel bored of the playground because by year 5 and 6 you have been on the same playground for a long time..So the playground would be boring. Why not add a rollercoaster or an inside playground?

If it’s raining can you please add an indoor playground with swings and there also should be another roller coaster in the rain proof playground. Our current playground does not have swings and adding swings would mean more fun opportunities for play.

Do you have enough money to build the roller coasters and the inside playground?  I really hope that you would have enough money so you could add those things.
If you do not have enough money, we could forget about the roller coaster. Or we
could fundraise the money.
Yours Sincerely,


  1. Very interesting letter Johann
    I like your creativity and thinking of a roller coaster. This is a good idea for a formal letter, I think you could have developed your ideas more. Please make sure to proof read and edit your work

    Well Done

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